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Are you a brand, digital-first publisher, manager, agent, MCN, or platform?

When successful creators thrive under the spotlight, it’s often because they have built a successful team around them to support their business and creative goals. But who is supporting that team? In our rapidly changing world, management teams are presented with new challenges on an almost daily basis, and to get the best out of the creatives they manage, they need to be fully empowered themselves. This is where Creator Coach 1-on-1 and group coaching sessions really come into their own.

Creator Coach is dedicated to helping creators across the world reach their full potential. As an industry veteran, I understand it takes a village and if you manage, or advocate for a creator, we're here to help provide them, and YOU, with that support and results-oriented structure.

Whether you’re a Platform Partner Manager, part of the creator management or agency team, or have another vested interest in seeing a creator flourish and maximize their earning potential, the Creator Coach is the perfect partnership. I will quickly prove to be an invaluable asset in supporting the creator by identifying creative or motivational issues caused by burnout. I work with management teams across the world in creator support with spectacular results. Let me do the same for you and your family of creators. 


The Enterprise package consists of two approaches:

  1. I work with the creator directly.

  2. I work to support and empower the teams behind the creator

As part of the B2B package, I facilitate residencies for both global and local creators and management teams for brands, agencies, and platforms, as well as day or evening events. The Enterprise offering focuses on:

  • Identifying creator burnout

  • Setting healthy boundaries and limits with clients

  • Maximizing management opportunities & ROI

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Did You Know?

Global ad spend around influencer marketing is expected to hit $10 billion by 2020, and brands and digital first publishers are investing heavily in creators as part of a wider marketing strategy in a bid to reach their target audiences. 


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