I’m Josh Zimmerman, and I’m the Creator Coach®, the first-ever life coach dedicated exclusively to creators.


“Without a doubt, Josh is the most connected person in the YouTube sphere. ”

- Tom Martin, YouTube consultant @ Channel Fuel


We have all heard of the epidemic of creator burnout, a paralyzing condition that robs creators of their confidence, and ability to function at their highest potential. So much is being written in the press about burnout but I noticed no one was doing anything meaningful to help them. So I decided I would, by creating Creator Coach®. I work with creators (specifically YouTubers) who are experiencing burnout and help them bounce back from burnout and holistically grow their lives and businesses.


What makes me qualified to guide you through your journey to success? Because I know your world, and the unique challenges you face, and the phenomenal opportunities that are waiting for you.

For the past fourteen years, I’ve worked extensively with TV networks, production companies, MCNs, digital multinational corporations, superstar YouTube influencers, and traditional entertainment celebrities.


This has given me some incredible insights into the life of the creator from every single angle. 

From content creation and production to digital rights administration and creator and partner management, I’ve been beside some of the greatest talent in the industry, and enabled them to reach the kind of success they only dreamed of. 

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Josh on creator burnout

Learn more about how Josh became an expert on creator burnout. 


“When you’re stressed, your brain releases cortisol. The number one thing that cortisol kills is your creativity, it’s the first thing to go.”


“Nobody was focusing about burnout. Everyone was talking about it but nobody was doing anything about it. So I said, I'm going to.”


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